The last time I draw that crystal EVER

(Nintendo E3 conference in a few hours so I better get this chunk done already!)

I was excited to get to her at last :) But it was pretty hard. Doesn't help that I started on a sketch with terrible proportions so I was constantly having to adjust and fix things.

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Those earrings look so cute :D I want them :D

Days until APE: 130
Characters complete: 9/31

Eclipx pix

Our setup:

Straw hat = hundreds of pinholes :)

OMG it's getting thin!!

Max occlusion at 6:30pm.

I saw a post from somebody who took a direct, clear picture with their iPhone and it amazingly didn't even fry the camera. Wish I had dared to try that, gogo magic iPhone optics.

Black hole sun

Folks in North America (and southern China/Japan) - did you know that there is a solar eclipse this Sunday? It's not a total one, but an annular one which is almost as good (and arguably better). For those of you in west-to-mid-United States, check out this handy-dandy map for an easy reference of when and where and what you'll see. Point Reyes here I come!

Oh, and be sure to take appropriate precautions. Never look directly (or with insufficient protection) at a solar eclipse or it will KICK YOUR ASS EYES because they will be more dilated due to the darkness.

I wish my outfit matched my hair color perfectly. Oh wait, that'd just be black.

Cutting it close~ It was seriously dead at work yesterday and today, otherwise I would've fallen behind already. And this isn't so much "finished" as it is "sufficiently refined", but I go back and touch up stuff in "finished" parts when I look at them days later anyway so this'll be enough progress for now.

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How do those things stay on your head

So I did the math and if I were to get this done by APE, I'd basically have to finish one character per week (with a tiny bit of leeway but let's not talk about that). Fortunately, so far my new job's been pretty accommodating ;) so it's just my own laziness sleepiness holding me back!

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Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the schedule, which means you should look forward to weekly updates here. FINGERS CROSSED/KNOCK ON WOOD/AND ALL THAT.

(And I feel bad for all the other projects I'll have to leave by the wayside for like half a year. Gotta have goals, though...)

Days until APE: 199
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