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Today was Earth Day at the local botanical garden, which means it was free. We already have memberships so it would've been free anyway, but it was a good excuse to go out there which we don't do enough of. The last time we went there it was winter, so it was a lot more lively now :)

It was prime dragonfly mating season all around the ponds! My camera's not the best at scenery or colors but it is a superzoom champ, so here's some macro power for ya.


A dragonfly laid eggs in the pond right in front of us. Unfortunately, it did it right on top of a bunch of little fish who got a great feast.

And then there were some HUGE tadpoles that were probably toads. Note the size of that little fish on the left in comparison.

The sunlight was way too bright on these waterlilies, so I cobbled together my first HDR photo from two sloppily-snapped exposures. Not bad, considering :)


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