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Must... stop... playing iPhone games...

Gotta step it up oh god. I finished these faces, but not full bodies (or even hair) yet except for Venus. These are at 75% zoom and they won't look as purty at display size :X

I like the triple earrings she's got in the manga, it makes her seem just a little less... stodgy than you'd expect of Ami-chan. Accidentally, her face turned out the most well-painted. But I can't replicate it with the others... orz

Probably too heavy on the makeup. I can't help it, she's just that pretty in my head vOv

Terrible lighting decisions meant I struggled with her for far too long and can't make it better. Venus should have a cooler earring :X

A bit of Korra, a bit of Wonder Woman. I didn't get to show off the rose earring in that earlier portrait due to bad hair placement; not this time.

(Speaking of those portraits, I'd love to go back and clean them up now that I have more experience. But no time for that now.)

Days until Fanime: 75 (AAAAAGH.)
Tags: art, fanart, sailor moon, wip
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