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Next up in the series of past-due-posts:

Placing the blame on ling84 and loobywibble, I made my own Zelda cake toppers for my wedding. I kind of wanted to keep it a surprise, so I hadn't posted any progress shots previously. Today I put the final finishing touches as best as I can, so it's finally time to show it!

Concept sketches. The left one was blatantly cribbed from screenshots of that scene, which is why it looks a lot more natural. ._. But I went with it also because it was more sculptural and "open" for painting. Considering how tough a time I had painting the final product, I'm really glad I didn't try to do the one on the right.

Wireframes. I initially thought I could make them out of paper clips but that was way too hard and also small. No point in suffering like that when I could get a roll of floral wire for a buck.

Slendermen I mean initial clay - white Sculpey Premo. Proportions were a lot better at this point, but then I ferried them back and forth between work and home and they got crushed/restored a bit.

Start of clothing. I had not quite realized the proportion problems at this point, alas.

Mostly there! The dress folds were hard.

T-2 days, sculpting finished. The base (6" cardboard cake round) warped a bit in the oven, so that'll have to not be a thing if I do this again.

Wedding day glamour shot. Painting was more time-consuming than I'd expected, so there's a lot of imperfections there. But at least the faces weren't a disaster, and that was the most crucial thing. Thanks to Diana for braiding the cord and gluing the flowers for me!

As good as it gets! Which is still not perfect, but I can't do any better at this size.

Well, I still have a good amount of clay and wire left. Maybe I'll do this again someday... but definitely bigger.
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